Alexey Chistilin — «Marionettes»

Marionettes by Aleksey Chistilin

Let us get back to the music. It’s time we talked about Alexey Chistilin, Russian composer. His composition Marionettes is used as a soundtrack to the video about Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. His music is at the same time eccentric and tragic, and it best fits the paintings of the famous French painter, who was very unlucky in love throughout his life.

And this is what another reviewer writes about Alexey Chistilin’s music: “His music is like a book or a scrap-book containing scrappy memories, snippets, episodes, and moments of the past that everyone keeps inside the heart. Knowing how to awaken these through touching everyone’s heart and soul is a talent, but his real artistry is at knowing how to pull these strings playing a simple melody, yet containing something that everyone would take as something very dear and personal.”


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